Luis Croker wrote:
> Hi... I have done tests with 10 processes, 30, 50, 100 and the
> results are the same... I have 4 Gb RAM and spamd is not running...
> Regards.

You also need to make sure the maxproc column of the feed to amavisd in
/etc/postfix/ matches whatever you've set the $max_servers
setting to in /etc/amavisd.conf (ie, they should be the same). I note
you said this was the case in a previous mail.

For a server with 4 processors (or cores) and 4GB of ram I normally
start at 4 processes and work up if needed. It seems like a logical
place to start with 1 process per cpu.

If you take a look at:

ps aux | grep amavisd

and see how much *time* each child process has run for. On my server I
see that mostly the first 2 child processes are used, the 3rd
occasionally and that the 4th child process has barely been used much
indicating that 3 child processes is probably enough (for me). If you
see near equal usage across all 4 child processes then you would
probably benefit from more processes to the point where your hardware
can adequately cope with the additional load.

If you don't have enough processes to cope with the flow of mail then
the MTA (postfix) will just queue the mail before handing it off to
amavisd once a process becomes available.