Thank you, Rev. Mitleid.

It does appear that your MAIL service provider,, is indeedusing SpamAssassin, and that your message indicated below has beenidentified as spam and blocked by You should send that samedata to your representative at your ACCESS provider (ISP),,and ask them about it. I do not know how is set up, or is one of its affiliates.

If it is blocking ALL of your mail from going out, then the information youposted will help them identify your issue. Your first message indicatedthat it was a sporadic problem with some of your clients, and your secondmessage indicates that you are now completely unable to send mail throughthat mail server. This sounds like what was initially a small issue withthe contents of your messages (recognized as spam) and, when you kepttrying to send out the "spam"-classified messages, finally hadenough, and has "blacklisted" your IP address, because they think you area spammer.

Only they ( can clear that up for you.

As far as moving forward with sending more messages to your clients, youshould endeavour to educate yourself about WHY your messages are beingclassified as spam, and learn to write messages that are less "spammy". Isuggest this because even if you succeed in getting off the "black list",you will undoubtedly end up back on it again as soon as you start to sendmessages that are similar in content to the ones that caused the conditionin the first place.

James Butler
Internet Society - Los Angeles Chapter
Chairman of the Board

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On 10/28/08 at 1:29 PM Corbie Mitleid/Fire Through Spirit wrote:

>James, thank you for your courteous answer. It's the first one I
>received that did not treat me like a carney fortune teller, IQ challenged
>idiot, or whining ninny. My husband, who is quite competent with
>computers, also could not make head or tails regarding our SA problem. As
>I explained before, I came here because I was directed to this list by J
>Monroe, from the Spam Assassin site itself, when he said he no longer gave
>any kind of assistance. My ISP,, said it was definitely not
>from their end, and therefore had to have been loaded on to my computer.
>As I sent to someone else, the message is not an "unable to deliver" such
>as one gets when an address is not known, mailbox is full, or some other
>simple issue. It is blocking me from even sending it out of my machine,
>and it remains in the outbox, also blocking all my other mail from being
>The following is an example:
>An unknown error has occurred. Subject 'report for you and Dan', Account:
>'', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Server
>Response: '550 5.7.1 Blocked by SpamAssassin', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No,
>Server Error: 550, Error Number: 0x800CCC69
>I will certainly attempt to get hold of technical personnel locally, but
>was under the impression that those who used Spam Assassin and found it
>useful would know how to help me. Again, thank you for being professional
>enough to address me with courtesy and clarity.
>Rev. Corbie Mitleid