Let's not make a confusing situation any worse by piling on ridicule,please. Clearly this isn't a SpamAssassin issue, as the user is notrunning a mail server. Perhaps we could help them identify the source oftheir issue and then turn them over to the appropriate support people?

Rev. Mitleid, it sounds less like you have installed SpamAssassin and morelike your clients are using mail filters that are blocking your mail. Youdid not mention that this is a problem with all of your outgoing mail,just that it is disrupting some of the messages you are sending to yourclients.

SpamAssassin is not used for outgoing email, therefore your issue is morethan likely not a SpamAssassin issue.

There is an excellent chance that the text or nature of the messages youare attempting to send is triggering spam filters on your clients' end. Itis also possible that your messages have caused the mail server throughwhich you send your messages to be placed on a "black list", perhapsbecause of the text or nature of your messages, and so your clients arenot receiving mail sent by you using that resource because their own mailservers' spam protection is denying any mail sent from your mail service.

As a temporary workaround, you should consider using the online mailservice to send your messages, as you note that you have successfully sentmail to the problematic clients using that service.

For the long term, you should consider hiring a local technicalrepresentative from one of your local stores to visit you and attempt toanalyze what is happening, and then to fix the issue. You will want tolocate a tech person who understands spam filtering so they can evaluateyour messages and help you define the true nature of the problem.

This issue is probably unrelated to the discussions found on this list, andwe would require data that you are unlikely able to provide, so continuingto ask users here will likely only increase your frustration.

James Butler
Internet Society - Los Angeles Chapter
Chairman of the Board

75% of my mail one on one to clients is getting blocked...I keep
having to back-door mail through an online mail service which means I
can't access items I need easily...please, please, how do I remove
it? I didn't ask for it, I don't want it and my clients are furious
at what looks like my lack of response...when I wrote to J Mason he
said it was my ISP, and their tech people say it definitely is not.

Rev. Corbie Mitleid

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