Am 2008-10-20 09:53:10, schrieb John Hardin:
> Michelle, Benny, et. al., why do you seek to shift your burden onto the
> rest of us?
> When I hit "reply" on a message from the SA list, the only recipient is
> the original sender. The list is configured this way and the SA list
> admins may have reasons for doing so. The list admin contact address is
> the place to lodge a complaint about this behavior.

False, since the List IS correct configured. Sometimes it is required
to send PMs for which is the . I always send messages to the
list using and since this is a technical Mailinglist and
NOT a "dummy" user forum, listmembers should use appropriated MUAs which
supporting it.

Also there is header called "Mail-Followup-To: which works wonder...

If you want to get PMs too, set it to:


> If I want the rest of the list to also see the reply - which is the most
> common case - I have to either manually add the list address to the
> message recipents, or hit "reply all" instead. For me the latter is
> simpler, and has become habit. I'm sure many if not most others are the
> same way.

Sorry, but currently I am DoS'ed by nearly 200.000 backscatters and
arround 2 GByte in my main E-Mail I use here to post and I had to SPAM
all of my customers to send Mails currently only to a "hidden" E-Mail.

Currently I am very angry, since I am working mobile and over GSM/GPRS
and fillilling up my personal account with useless messages which force
me to download the messages twice...

Note: My SIM is currently blocked by my GSM Provider Bouygues Telecom
because the backscatter **** has produced an invoice of over
3000 Euro while I was in hospital and I can not more read my

> Avoiding also directly CCing the original sender (i.e. you) first requires
> that I remember that someone on the current thread doesn't want a direct
> copy, and then requires I break my train of thought in composing the reply
> to go edit the recipient list before hitting "send". I apologize most
> abjectly, but I often fail to do both. Again, I'm sure many if not most
> others are the same way.

Forcing me to set "Reply-To:" on all Mailinglists I am on, mean, that I
I have to create 168 extra send-hooks in mutt...

If I start mutt from my Nokia, it take already 30 seconds to start up
because heavy configurations, but forcing users to do things because a
handfull peoples do not want to use reliabel software/MUAs is more then

> There is another solution that does not require you depend on the memory
> and courtesy of the other list members: before posting a message to the SA
> list, set your Reply-To: header to the SA list address. That way any
> well-behaved mail client when told to "reply all" will not directly send
> you a copy. This has been discussed at length before.

Since I get "legitim" PM's on my mailinglist messages, those peoples
then have always to remember, that the Mail goes to the list and if they
forget to change it, they send my business messages to the list which I
do not like...

This problem was already mentioned by someone...

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