I have updated the SARE rules... how often should I update them ?
Daily ?

On Thu, 2008-10-23 at 23:19 -0700, SM wrote:

> At 16:56 23-10-2008, Luis Croker wrote:
> > I have a mail server with FreeBSD 7.0,
> > postfix+amavis-new+spamassassin. We are an ISP and I need to
> > filter the spam that our susbribers are sending to internet, the
> > PCs have some malware or are botnets. These PCs generates a lot of
> > spam each day.
> >
> > The server filters a los of Spam but some times the queue is so
> > crowded. I have to questions...
> >Do you have any recomendation to improve the performance on the server ??

> http://wiki.apache.org/spamassassin/FasterPerformance
> >How can I catch more spam than the seerver is filtering ? The server
> >blocks many messages but another spam messages goes to internet
> >cause the score does not reach the parameters to be blocked.

> If you are running an old version of SpamAssassin, update it. Run
> sa-update to keep the rules updated.
> Analyze SMTP traffic to detect any signs of abuse and quarantine
> these hosts. You may have to reach out to the customers and help
> them clean infected hosts. Use the feedback from your abuse
> department. You can also get feedback from anti-abuse groups and
> subscribe to feedback loops. Identify the spam messages not reaching
> the threshold and add rules to catch them.
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