Ok, thank you.

I'm using Postfix, Amavisd-new, ClamAV and SQLGrey. Do you know where I
would enable or disable receiving this notice in any of these? I've been
looking and looking and I can't seem to find anything...

John Hardin wrote:
> On Fri, 24 Oct 2008, asai wrote:
>> Well, there is a report_contact setting in SA local.cf...are you saying
>> that that is not relevant here?

> It is not. report_contact is for providing an email address for a support
> contact in the "this is a spam" report text that is optionally added to a
> message that is scored as spam. It does not (at least within SA) generate
> any new email messages to that address, or reroute spams to that address.
>> mouss-2 wrote:
>>> asai a écrit :
>>>> I've been trying to stop Spamassassin from sending any more spam
>>>> notices
>>>> to me,
>>> SA does not send, block, or route mail. it is an expert who says this is
>>> probably spam and this is probably ham. Routing and other transport
>>> decisions are taken by whatever tool you use to run SA.

> To reiterate: SA only scores, and may reformat spams. If spammy messages
> are being misfiled or alert messages are being sent, then some other tool
> is the culprit. Look downstream from SA in your mail processing chain.
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