On Fri, 24 Oct 2008, asai wrote:

> Well, there is a report_contact setting in SA local.cf...are you saying
> that that is not relevant here?

It is not. report_contact is for providing an email address for a support
contact in the "this is a spam" report text that is optionally added to a
message that is scored as spam. It does not (at least within SA) generate
any new email messages to that address, or reroute spams to that address.

> mouss-2 wrote:
>> asai a écrit :
>>> I've been trying to stop Spamassassin from sending any more spam notices
>>> to me,

>> SA does not send, block, or route mail. it is an expert who says this is
>> probably spam and this is probably ham. Routing and other transport
>> decisions are taken by whatever tool you use to run SA.

To reiterate: SA only scores, and may reformat spams. If spammy messages
are being misfiled or alert messages are being sent, then some other tool
is the culprit. Look downstream from SA in your mail processing chain.

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