On Thu, October 23, 2008 19:29, Michael Scheidell wrote:
> we arn't arguing rfc's, and by '99% of the time', actually, it works
> 100% of the time unless you use the rfc-ignorant blacklists.

being rfc compliant olso works

> rfc means 'request for comment'. and rfc's change as technology changes.

but not much in smtp have changed since first version deployed

> I don't know if, or, since you are the expert in this, maybe you can
> enlighten us.. What major mail server can't deliver email to a mx record
> that is a cname? if there were technical problems, then the major email
> hosted providers would not be using it.

not using cnames olso works 100% of time, but maybe you can show example
where it does not and where you shows cnames solves it nicely ?

Benny Pedersen
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