Michael Scheidell a écrit :
> we arn't arguing rfc's, and by '99% of the time', actually, it works
> 100% of the time unless you use the rfc-ignorant blacklists.
> rfc means 'request for comment'. and rfc's change as technology changes.
> I don't know if, or, since you are the expert in this, maybe you can
> enlighten us.. What major mail server can't deliver email to a mx record
> that is a cname? if there were technical problems, then the major email
> hosted providers would not be using it.

it probably works in many cases, but it's not reliably. Some MTAs do
rewrite the recipient address, which may or may not work. I mean, if you
have this:

example.com. MX 1 mx.example.com.
mx.example.com. CNAME mx1.example.com.

then some MTAs will rewrite foo@example.com to foo@mx1.example.com. and
this may cause problems (this will work in domains that accept mail for
all subdomains, as used to be the case when all the internet was unix,
but this is no more the case).