At 10:29 23-10-2008, Michael Scheidell wrote:
>we arn't arguing rfc's, and by '99% of the time', actually, it works
>100% of the time unless you use the rfc-ignorant blacklists.

If it works 100% of the time for you, what can I say.

>I don't know if, or, since you are the expert in this, maybe you can
>enlighten us.. What major mail server can't deliver email to a mx
>record that is a cname? if there were technical problems, then the
>major email hosted providers would not be using it.

I doubt I'm an expert. Current versions of Postfix and sendmail
handle the CNAME. There are some configuration cases where sendmail
may generate a delivery failure. I don't use major email hosted
providers as a yardstick. There was one major email hosted provider
that rejected messages if the sending domain listed an IPv6 host as
one of the MX targets.

I suggest that we agree to disagree as we are not arguing about the same thing.