Nelson Serafica wrote:
> Anyone uses qmail here. I just recently setup qmail with
> qmail-scanner and clamav and spamassin as scanner array. I just
> noticed in my spamassassin log that even though the required hits in
> spamassassin is 5, it still allow those email which has greater value
> of 5. Below is the logs of my spamassassin

( removed normal SA log)

> Is there a config in local.that it will force to drop all those email
> that was tagged above the required hits.
> Here is my /etc/mail/spamassassin/
> required_hits 5
> required_score 5
> report_safe 0
> rewrite_header Subject [SPAM]
> use_bayes 1
> bayes_auto_learn 1
> lock_method flock

It looks like SA is doing exactly what it's supposed to: tag the spam.
Now it's qmail's problem to drop the spam or sort it into folders. SA's
only job is to identify spam.