Michael Scheidell a écrit :
>> 3banatomy.co.kr

> Minor point, rfc's don't require an mx record an a record will satisfy the
> rfc's just fine. (and one of the major saas email anti-spam providers used
> to use cname records for all their clients.. Yes, they took them off, one at
> a time, as clients complianted that they were blacklisted by
> bogusmx.rfc-ignorant.com..

"other" customers should complain too:

$ host smtp.secureserver.net
smtp.secureserver.net is an alias for smtp.where.secureserver.net.
smtp.where.secureserver.net has address

> Maybe rfc's need to change.. There is no modern software that can't send to
> a cnamed mx or mx'ed cname, whatever.
> host -t a 3banatomy.co.kr
> 3banatomy.co.kr has address

mea culpa. I've been tooo lazy. I'll have to script that so that I don't
forget again!