Matus UHLAR - fantomas a écrit :
>>> On 21.10.08 19:31, mouss wrote:
>>>> Search for RMX (Reverse Mail eXchanger).
>>>> didn't go far for now.

>>> Yes, was kinda superseded by SPF,

> On 22.10.08 15:49, mouss wrote:
>> In my understanding, these are different concepts. In particular, RMX
>> doesn't hijack the TXT record, which is one of the major sins of SPF.

> Yes, but they both were designed to do the same work. SPF however can do
> more. TXT was used because nothing else could, at least I think so.

Maybe. but hijacking the TXT record got many people against SPF. and it
doesn't look like SPF is widespread. so the "compatibility"/-ease of
deployment argument didn't really catch.

>>> which may also require additional DNS queries

>> sure, but this also prevents silly decisions by poor dns caching
>> implementations (In particular, implementations that set a reputation
>> based on one spf lookup).

> Hmm?

hot... mail.

This is one of the reasons I don't set SPF records anymore.