Kai Schaetzl schrieb:
> Heinrich Christian Peters wrote on Wed, 22 Oct 2008 14:43:55 +0200:
>> It learns all detected spam mails with a score of 8 (or higher) and not
>> hitted by BAYES_70 (or higher).

> Which means you miss all the spam that got hit by Bayes and scored that
> high and was not autolearned. I think with a good trained Bayes the above
> will likely not learn much - e.g. you could just skip it ;-) You also do
> know that you can adjust the autolearning threshold?
>> But now I am unsure about the autolearning. Should I train autolearned
>> messages or not? Or, in other words, can spamassassin learn the same
>> message twice (to learn faster), if I tell him to do so?

> As already said: it will just ignore these for learning.

I just want to be sure...

> BTW: Some MUA software will have problems with dots in headers. You either
> should upgrade to a newer MailScanner or change %org-name% in your
> MailScanner.conf.

Thanks for info. I will change %org-name% - so I can keep the original