> > On 21.10.08 19:31, mouss wrote:
> >> Search for RMX (Reverse Mail eXchanger).
> >>
> >> didn't go far for now.

> > Yes, was kinda superseded by SPF,

On 22.10.08 15:49, mouss wrote:
> In my understanding, these are different concepts. In particular, RMX
> doesn't hijack the TXT record, which is one of the major sins of SPF.

Yes, but they both were designed to do the same work. SPF however can do
more. TXT was used because nothing else could, at least I think so.

> > which may also require additional DNS queries

> sure, but this also prevents silly decisions by poor dns caching
> implementations (In particular, implementations that set a reputation
> based on one spf lookup).


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