Matus UHLAR - fantomas a écrit :
>> Jorge Valdes a écrit :
>>> Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
>>>>> The point of MX is to point to hosts that receive mail, if you send mail to
>>>>> someone.
>>>>> The point of PTR is to provide host name when you receive mail from someone.
>>>>> The PTR has NOTHING to do with MX records and vice versa!
>>> So maybe there should be a new type of DNS record: MS (name suggestions
>>> welcomed ) to let everyone know the server is an _outbound_ only mail
>>> server: a server that sends mail for a domain that _may_ also receive
>>> mail for the domain. This is a lot simpler than having to parse a SPF
>>> record, which may also require additional DNS queries.

> On 21.10.08 19:31, mouss wrote:
>> Search for RMX (Reverse Mail eXchanger).
>> didn't go far for now.

> Yes, was kinda superseded by SPF,

In my understanding, these are different concepts. In particular, RMX
doesn't hijack the TXT record, which is one of the major sins of SPF.

> which may also require additional DNS
> queries

sure, but this also prevents silly decisions by poor dns caching
implementations (In particular, implementations that set a reputation
based on one spf lookup).