From: Heinrich Christian Peters
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 14:43:55 +0200

Kai Schaetzl schrieb:
> Just checked what I actually do, here it is:
> yesterday=`date -d "-1 day" +"%Y%m%d"`
> sa-learn --spam --progress /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/
> ${yesterday}/spam/

I implemented a solution with sieve and sa-learn-cyrus:
> if allof (
> header :contains "X-heinrich-peters.zz-MailScanner-SpamScore" "ssssssss",
> # not header :contains "X-heinrich-peters.zz-MailScanner-SpamCheck" "autolearn=spam",
> not header :regex "X-heinrich-peters.zz-MailScanner-SpamCheck" "BAYES_(9|8|7)(0|5|9)"
> ){
> addflag "\\Seen";
> fileinto "INBOX.SpamAssassin.spam";
> }

It learns all detected spam mails with a score of 8 (or higher) and not
hitted by BAYES_70 (or higher).

I would learn all spam messages including the ones that hit BAYES_70-BAYES_99
There are other tokens in the spam message that will be learned
and the known tokens in the message will reinforced as spam.

But now I am unsure about the autolearning. Should I train autolearned
messages or not? Or, in other words, can spamassassin learn the same
message twice (to learn faster), if I tell him to do so?

The autolearned messages have already been learned, you do not need to
learn the message again. Nothing bad will happen if you do learn a
message again, other than wasting CPU time.