> Is this really necessary for yahoo.com generated e-mail?
> 0.2 DNS_FROM_RFC_ABUSE RBL: Envelope sender in abuse.rfc-ignorant.org
> 1.4 DNS_FROM_RFC_WHOIS RBL: Envelope sender in whois.rfc-ignorant.org
> 1.7 DNS_FROM_RFC_POST RBL: Envelope sender in postmaster.rfc-ignorant.org

Run sa-update on recent versions of SA and it will automatically drop those

Long time ago, in a land far away, GOOD site admins actually had working
abuse@ and postmater@ addresses.

Long ago, ICANN used to delist domains that had broken or unreachable whois
contact information.

So, long ago, ignorant, stupid or lazy was a good indication of spam
Today, it indicates yahoo.com.

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