> >My guess is that you have too many processes running for the
> >amount of ram you have.

I doubt it.

> each vscan process take 60 - 75 MB.

> That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.
> 10 * 70mb = 700mb for vscan/spam
> 200mb +/- for clamd
> 50 mb +/- for postfix / amavis etc
> = 950 mb used.
> Since you said you had 1 gig of memory in the machine, I think there
> would be swap being used.

Keep in mind that 'swap used' is not an indication that machine is swapping.
It is just fine to have some swap space in use, as long as only inactive
components are there and is rarely accessed.

What counts is the _rate_ of page faults requiring I/O (mainly WRITEs).
Run 'top' and type 'm' to switch its display to io mode,
here is the legend:
VCSW Voluntary context switches
IVCSW Involuntary context switches
READ Number of blocks read
WRITE Number of blocks written
FAULT Number of page faults
TOTAL Total number of i/o operations
PERCENT Percentage of total i/o attributed to this process