Len Conrad wrote:
>> My guess is that you have too many processes running for the amount of
>> ram you have.

> each vscan process take 60 - 75 MB.
> When the machine is way behind, there is 200 - 300 MB of free + inactive RAM.
> On this fbsd 6.2, "Top version 3.5beta12" doesn't show the swap info, "Swap: " is a blank line, but I really don't think the machine is swapping when groaning, looking at the 200 - 300 MB RAM available.
> I've turned off pyzor, and left amavis processes at 10. I'll see how it goes Fri morning.

That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

10 * 70mb = 700mb for vscan/spam
200mb +/- for clamd
50 mb +/- for postfix / amavis etc

= 950 mb used.

Since you said you had 1 gig of memory in the machine, I think there
would be swap being used.

All of our spamd machines have at least 4 gig of ram in them, but we do
run a minimum of 25 children on each.