Len Conrad schrieb:
> FreeBSD 6.2
> 2 GHz
> 1 GB RAM

More RAM won't hurt
> Amavisd-new
> 400 KB max msg size to scan
> 10 servers
> TIMING shows sa-check taking 85% - 90%

How many concurrent processes have you set in your postfix's master.cf
to forward messages to? Your setting for the amavisd-vscan transport
should be somewhat lower than 10 (the # of amavsd-new instances)
Do you use a local bind (name server) running to cache DNS queries? This
can help a lot....
I'd dump/disable pyzor first to see if this helps (pyzor has acess to
its server, btw ?- I think its port 24441 or so)

My 2 -cent