At 21:20 09-09-2008, Lars Ebeling wrote:
>I am sorry for being such a bad person. I am using Outlook Express
>as mailclient and was not aware of the HTML code. Why is it such a
>big problem? However after looking around in the mailclients setup I
>have changed it.

Other mailing list subscribers may be using mail clients that only
supports plain text messages. HTML formatted messages are larger in
size. HTML formatted messages might not rendered correctly when
quoting a part to provide context. Some mailing lists are available
in a digest version. Using such a format makes it difficult to read.

HTML formatted messages are ideally suited for phishing as the actual
URLs can be obfuscated. The only advantage of a HTML formatted
message is that it looks pretty to the sender.

Coming back to the original question, the following line was in the
email you sent to the mailing list:

[24097] dbg: config: read file

A server security product called Microsoft Antigen flagged it as spam
as it contains the "porn" and sent a bounce message to the author of
that message.