On Sun, September 7, 2008 10:09 am, Skip wrote:
> Michael Scheidell wrote:
>>> It was the
>>> firewall. I go that fixed. Now, here's my next problem. I think taint
>>> mode is stopping razor from running on my system. Since I can't be root,
>>> I have to install Razor in my home home directory. So

>> Will
>> the system administrator allow you to set up a 'jailed',zen or vm
>> environment so you can look like you are root while protecting his bas
>> server? Can you razor installed in the main system root?

>I seriously doubt it. Is that my only option?

I posted this over the weekend, and I would like to politely and
respectfully repost it one more time this morning to see if anyone has any
ideas to help me install Razor. Sorry to be such a pest.

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