This may be kinda simple for you gurus out there, in which case I
welcome your feedback and suggestions to make this better. But if
anyone finds this useful...great!

I wanted a stats tool that would tell me what rules were hit on the
most. Which ones ONLY trigger on spam and which ones ONLY trigger on
HAM? I wanted to know what percentage of my HAM was whitelisted. Do I
have my rule scores set high or low enough and do I have the required
score for the SPAM threshold at the right place? I wanted something
that was flexible and powerful. So I thought about ways to get my
spamassassin data into mysql. Look at this screenshot and you'll get
the idea:

Obviously, with that type of granularity, I could generate any kind of
report I wanted.

The way I do it is I generate a few custom headers in procmail to make
things easier, and I have a couple of special SA headers added, again,
to make things easier. Then I pipe a carbon copy of each email through
this bash script which parses it and puts all the data into mysql. I
just finished it today, so I don't have any pretty charts or anything
yet, but I do think it will meet my needs.

I did look at some of the other data collection utilities out there, but
I didn't see any that were quite this flexible, if I do say so myself.
Perhaps I am mistaken and there is one (or more) that can do what this
does and more.

Here's the script, along with many (helpful, I hope) comments.

Like I said, if any of you smart guys out there see ways to improve
this, I sure would appreciate the feedback.



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