Hello list,

I'm using the following options with SpamAssassin:

-d -v -u vpopmail -g vchkpw --user-config -r /var/run/spamd/spamd.pid
--siteconfigpath=/etc/mail/spamassassin --configpath=/usr/share/spamassassin
-s /var/log/spamd.log

But I just can't put it to work with vpopmail and user_prefs files...

When spamd run, it creates a .spamassassin dir in the /home/vpopmail ... and
doesn't read each user_pref files at the domain/user/.spamassassin

Also... this error keep showing in system log: spamd: handle_user unable to
find user: someuser@somedomain.com (someuser@somedomain.com used as

I'm using SA 3.2.5, perl 5.8.8.

I already tried several options without success...

Please... anyone may help me to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

Tica ;-)