On 04.07.08 08:34, Philippe Couas wrote:
> I wante use procmail with spamassassin and put into an spécial directory
> spammed mail.
> But, how could i read theses mail ? do i need to create an special account
> for each user or not ?

I put my spams into _folder_ named "spam" and can read it using my mail
user agent (MUA). On our company's servers we do the same and the folder is
accessible by IMAP, so users may check them.

> How could i delete old spammed mail if user don't verify it ?

it's a bit safer when users are able to read/delete them by themselves.
However courier imap serever allows removing of old mail from folders after
given time.

> could i make it with logrotate ?

no, logrotate does something very different.

> I search sample configuration

It highly depends on your system... if your users read mail by imap, it's
quite easy as I described it.
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