At 20:34 13-06-2008, Ms.Engineer wrote:
>I just setup a server 2 days ago and had one active domain running in it.
>I still get tons of spams, the hit rate was well below 10%. Out of
>every 10 spams, less than 1 was tagged in average.
>My score to tag is 5, 8 to delete
>Now I focus my customizations on plugins which I hope can enhance
>the chance of catching spams.
>The followings are my plugins list, I wonder if there are any plugin
>which I should include/exclude to make my SA work better.

Looking for which plugin to include is like looking for a stop spam
button. That is the wrong approach. Instead of focusing on plugins,
you should find out why your hit rate is so low. You can do that by
posting a sample of the spam messages that got through to a website
together with the rules they hit. People will then point you to the
rules or plugins they use to catch such spam.