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Thread: MailChannles SPAMMING List Members?

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  2. MailChannles SPAMMING List Members?

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    Dave Koontz wrote:

    > All, I never heard of until it was a discussion here a
    > few weeks ago. Now, auto-magically I get a "feedback" for free coffee
    > offer?

    I got one too, but I wasn't sure it was connected to this list.
    We had heard from Mailchannels a year or so ago, so they knew my
    address from that. Since my job includes email security it's not
    out of line for mail filtering vendors to contact me. But they
    don't usually ask for free help in for-profit product development.

    Joseph Brennan
    Columbia University Information Technology

  4. Re: MailChannles SPAMMING List Members?

    > On 12-Jun-08, at 9:41 PM, mouss wrote:
    >> if it really came from them, it's probably an isolated/unsupported
    >> initiative from a "marketer gone crazy".
    >> report the problem to their abuse team (or anyone in their tech
    >> team). In all companies I worked for, I've seen few guys coming up
    >> with bad "good ideas/initiatives". Most of the time, these were
    >> stopped during internal discussions, but sometimes such initiatives
    >> were only discovered later thanks to a complaint. so do complain,
    >> but provide evidence (message with full headers).

    Hi Dave, Mouss, and others,

    I can confirm that this is an instance of a "marketer gone crazy,"
    rather than a spam campaign:

    - Desmond found Dave's name when he was looking for people in the
    EDUCAUSE group who know about email.

    - Dave's email address was taken from Mary Baldwin College's staff
    directory (
    namesearch.asp). It was not taken from the SA mailing list.

    - The message to Dave was a one-to-one correspondence - it was not
    part of a bulk mail-out.


    Ken Simpson

    MailChannels - Reliable Email Delivery
    604 685 7488 tel

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