Hello all.

Currently I have a CentOS 3.3 server with Exim 4.69 as my MTA and also SA
3.2.3. I've been noticing that when I run this setup, after 15-30min, the
Exim mail queue starts getting overloaded with undeliverable emails, most
all of which have the BSMTP 421 delivery error. However, after MUCH
troubleshooting, I stumbled across a possible solution. I went into the
/etc/spamassassin folder and saw the v310.pre, v312.pre, and v320.pre
rulesets. I renamed v310 and v321.pre to have the .bkup extension thus
making them unusable to SA. Miraculously, my BSMTP 421 delivery errors went

Now, my concern is, what rulesets am I loosing by not using those files?
Yet if I use them, SA on the server and Exim start having problems. This
issue developed after SA 3.0.0 and was never found in earlier versions.

Thoughts, suggestions?