>> Hi,
>> =20
>> I am not sure that I am writing to correct list, but maybe you will help =
>> me.
>> =20
>> On one of my server qmail has been installed, SpamAssassin and =
>> qmail-scanner.=20
>> There is a several virtual domains, and Spam filter is working quite OK.
>> =20
>> But I have some message which I am worried about:
>> =20
>> For example: on sever is domain: somedoamin1.com
>> =20
>> Somebody will send SPAM to HYPERLINK =
>> "mailto:user@somedomain1.com"user@somedomain1.com, and:
>> - Spamassassin marks it as SPAM (which is correct)
>> - But user doesn=92t exist on somedomain1.com (it happen)
>> - So qmail is storage this mail in queue as long as it can.=20
>> =20
>> My question is, what is the best practice and how can I configure =
>> following scenario:
>> =20
>> Scenario:
>> Spam marks message as SPAM, qmail is trying deliver that message to not =
>> exited user,=20
>> And if is not exist =96 message is deleted.=20
>> =20
>> BUT if message is not SPAM =96 and user doesn=92t exist, bounce message =
>> should be send to sender.=20
>> =20
>> Thank you very much for your help.
>> =20
>> Marcin Praczko

Hi Marcin,

you can modify qmail-scanner to exit with error code if spam score is over a given value
(usually higher than default score, e.g. 10 rather than 5)
Unpatched qmail would return - during the smtp session, not as a bounce - an
"administratively prohibited" message to the sender.
It is straightforward to add a new exit value to qmail and have that tell the sender that their
message was considered spam.
You can do this right away, but you are still encouraged to install whatever matches your system
setup and rejects mail to non-existant users