I'm using the following configuration: Qmail, vpopmail 5.4.1,
qmail-scanner 1.25st, spamassassin 3.11.
This is a hosting server so several domains are running on it. Users
(which aren't on the same subnet) are sending mails through their
clients using the SMTP service on the server. Problem is that virtual
domains are also scanned by SA, reducing performance and eventually
reporting false positives. How can I configure q-s or SA to skip these

Second problem, somehow related to the first one, is that SPF fails for
one virtual domain although destination servers are reporting SPF pass.
i.e: I'm in a remote location and I'm sending mails from Thunderbird
through the hosting server (SMTP authentication). SA log reports
SPF_FAIL for my domain and destination server reports SPF_PASS.
The SPF record is:
"v=spf1 mx -all"
The MX is the hosting server which returns SPF_FAIL.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Arthur Kerpician

BlueChip Computers Srl
Constanta - Romania
tel/fax +40 241 554.122