The only need Pyzor has for user accounts is to read the server list.
If you set the server list to someplace all accounts can access, then it
should work for you.

Me, I run mine system-wide and don't use user-specific accounts.
Everyone uses the same Bayes, AWL, and settings as user "spamc".

- Jason=20

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Subject: Re: Using Pzyor with high volume

On 30.04.08 16:39, Jason J. Ellingson wrote:
> readyexec is *USER* specific. You *MUST* launch the
> "server" part as the SAME user as the user of readyexec "client".
> My spamd service is run as a user "spamc", while I was adding the
> service as "root".
> Now, that I have the service running as "spamc", we have success!

and I was just thinking about running this server-wide. My spamd runs as
root so it can change uid to any user, but this probably won't help the

I would like to have the possibility of reading different user's pyzor
config, but currently maybe server-wide config would be enough (at least
checking status of a message)

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