Am Montag, 21. April 2008 13:20 schrieb Christoph Petersen:
> Hi Michael,

> I'm using round robin load balancing from DNS right now. But it's simply
> switching the host every time. What I would like to have a small daemon or
> something which keep track how many processes are running on each node so
> how the load is distributed. In my setup with peaks the load is sometimes
> distributed very unequally.
> Can I do something like this with LVS? I didn't play around with LVS yet =

> I haven't any experience yet..
> BR
> Christoph


DNS has an failover time of ~60 secs. Sometimes this is not acceptable.

LVS is just this what you want. In a simple setup LVS cannot measure the=20
actual load (i.e. uptime) of the nodes in the background and distribute new=
connections according to that number. BUT LVS knows about the number of=20
actual connections to every node and can distribute load accoring to the=20
least number of connections. You even can attach weights to the least=20
connections algorithm (wlc).

ldirectord checks every background server for availablility and distributes=
new connctions only to available servers. Failover is measured in seconds,=
not in 10's of seconds.

You can make the whole setup high available with Linux-HA. LVS integrates v=
nicely into that framework. See also chapter "Applications" (sorry: German!=

Christoph: For further questions please contact me off-list.

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