Hi Michael,

> > Hi guys,
> >
> > some days ago I started deploying spamassassin in a load balanced
> > environment (though no real lb but round robin DNS lb with spamc's -d
> > switch). When I watch the logs it's sometimes with peaks that one

> server is
> > under heavy load > 90 spamd childs and the other very low.
> >
> > Maybe it's a good idea to create something like a spamc deamon wich

> can
> > distribute the load better among the childs so that both systems are

> better
> > used.
> >
> > Feedback is welcome - maybe I'm on a very wrong train here but spam

> is not
> > getting less..
> >
> > BR
> > Christoph

> Real good loadbalancer is Linux Virtual Server (LVS,
> www.linuxvirtualserver.org). Try localhost option to distribute load to
> local
> node AND use Linux-HA (heartbeat) for high availabliliy.
> Hint: ldirectord as a resource in Linux-HA version 2. Also use pingd to
> check
> availability of the nodes inside heartbeat.
> Sounds difficult to set up, but when you get used to it it is quite
> simple,
> works good and ist VERY scalable.

I'm using round robin load balancing from DNS right now. But it's simply
switching the host every time. What I would like to have a small daemon or
something which keep track how many processes are running on each node so
how the load is distributed. In my setup with peaks the load is sometimes
distributed very unequally.

Can I do something like this with LVS? I didn't play around with LVS yet so
I haven't any experience yet..