On Sun, 20 Apr 2008, Theo Van Dinter wrote:

> On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 12:39:29PM -0400, Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
>> Can someone do a spam-versus-ham comparison for included links to
>> blogger.com (I don't have the corpus handy, nor do I know how to set up a
>> "proper" test.)

> It's not really going to help you, you'd need to know the #s for your mail
> flow.

Okay, so presumably then -- in my "normal" mail flow, there were all of
six -- and those were with a client who was specifically giving me the URL
to point her site at it.

Is there a tool, with the standard SA distribution, that can let me do a
comparison analysis?

I found some tools here
http://wiki.apache.org/spamassassin/StatsAndAnalyzers that gives me a
whole bunch of after-the-fact info (i.e. on a live pool), but not
something to let me say "okay, here's a defined rule, find all the X's and
Y's (but I'm sure the SA team has something for such).

Didn't find anything in the rule submission guidelines either.

>> If it proves high enough, would a rule be possible?

> Sure, go ahead, it's your setup.
>> Also, would it be possible to make spamassassin -r smart about reporting
>> such links straight to the feedback form here:
>> http://help.blogger.com/?page=troubl...ubmit=Continue

> You could write a plugin to do it, but generally this is what spamcop is for
> imo.

I've found spamcop to be a problem for two reasons:

1) It's an ANNOYING process. And in theory I could automate it, but that
circumvents the whole idea.

2) A plugin specifically targeted for blogger could check for the standard
error messages -- not report if so, etc etc.

I've also had issues with spamcop not following the links right (for
example, a popular ploy is to load the IMAGES in spam from other sources
which SC doesn't follow)

The possibility of catering the reporting protocols to different sites
(i.e. the major free sites have their own reporting systems that might be
better used). It's beyond the scope of this thread, but are there any
docs on how to write a reporting protocol?


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