no, it's not amavisd. must be something that doesn't come with ports.
maybe plesk? (I have no idea as I don't use plesk).

> I have found the realationship between SA and amavisd confusing at best

amavisd-new uses SA code. but amavisd-new also does other things, so you
can run it without SA (such as for virus scanning with clamav).

Think of amavisd-new as a proxy that can use various filters, and one of
these may be SA (but it does not talk to spamd so you don't need set
spamassassin_enable=YES in rc.conf).

plesk was on my other server not the current one.

I appreciate you explanation.. i have gradually begun to have a
of the role if not the function of amavisd-new.

SA-Learn worked fine for spam... when I build up enough ham files I will
give that side a shot

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