mouss wrote:
> JasonHirsh wrote:
>> Err. Or maybe your distro just is not RPM based? One should believe the
>> mail admin to know about subtle things like these...
>> guenther
>> Maybe I should know... I am the server, web, mail and security admin
>> and I
>> clean floors.

> well, I hope you know what OS this is?
> # uname -a
> should help a bit, but is not enough to distinguish between linux
> distros.
>> I do not recall doing two installations. I know I had some problems
>> with
>> ports initially (two or three years ago) But your input solved my
>> SA-Learn problem

> you said "ports"? maybe a FreeBSD then? if so
> # pkg_delete spamassassin
> But then why not use the ports version instead of installing yours?

I just realized you already said it's freebsd. so the version in
/usr/local/bin certainly came from the port and this is the one to use.
I have no idea where the /usr/bin version came. As Karsten said, this
maybe a wrapper script obtained from somewhere. too bad you deleted it.
(next time, instead of deleting files, move thme somewhere else ;-p)