On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 12:40:04AM +0300, Jari Fredriksson wrote:
> > I can't employ what you've told me as upgrading to 3.2.4
> > is out of the question until I rebuild the mail server
> > (Debian Sarge), but the advice is appreciated.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Michael Hutchinson

> I have installed SpamAssassin on Debian Sarge & Etch via cpan and no
> problem has followed. As long as you don't install perl via cpan, but only
> SpamAssassin.. and configured cpan so that it "follows" the dependencies
> you will be good.
> I consider cpan for SA as "volatile" for ClamAV, something one must do,
> and it usually works.

And if you want to move to advanced class, compile your own perl. It will
guarantee that nothing will break ever. And you can jump on the 5.10
bandwagon right now.