Hi all,

it's actually not that new since it's been happening for a few years
on my personal email but it has invaded work too and I was wondering
what your thoughts were about it. I don't know how to call it but
essentially it comes from spammers using my work or personal email
addresses to send spam email. From what I can see, they are not using
my SMTP server or anything like that, they're just forging the From/
Reply-To to send email 'as me'.

As a result of those thousands (millions) of Spam emails sent 'by
me', I get a hefty number of undeliverable email notices in my inbox
(from the thousands of invalid address in the spammer address book).
It goes in waves, sometimes I'll go months without any and all of a
sudden I'll find 500 in my inbox.

I realize this is a list about s.a. but since this is spam related
though not directly spam, I was wondering what you guys thought about
it and do about it if it happens to you. It bothered me in my
personal email but it bothers a hundred people at work. I am guessing
it doesn't help white-listing my domain name and many of our normal
emails might get marked as spam as a result.

Ideas ?

Thanks in advance,

Erik Dasque