John Rudd wrote:
>> the error is ignored since it has no practical consequence (except
>> maybe in some unread log file)

> Unread/unchecked only by half-assed postmasters who aren't worth their
> salt, and should thus be fired.
> A decent postmaster at least generates summaries of traffic ...
> A postmaster who doesn't check their logs in any fashion deserves
> whatever they get.
> Clearly, only half-baked providers do the latter.

Wow ! Aren't you guys proud to be postmasters !

For me being a postmaster clearly is a chore (one of many) to wich I devote
an absolute minimum amount of my precious time.
BTW firing me is not an option since I'm the CEO of my own (small) private
owned company :-)

Expecting all postmaster to be highly skilled professionals who have studied
all the ins an outs of their system is in my view an unrealistic approach of
a world where almost every company has to have an email server.
I gladly accept all the qualifications you made about being "half baked"
"not decent" etc..

Is there somewhere a list of all the still working RBL's or an easy way for
an unskilled neophyt like me to check if an RBL is still valid?

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