Caleb Cushing wrote:
> I'm trying to run sa-learn --spam /spamdir/* on a directory with 2449 spam
> messages. But it doesn't seem to work. I'm not sure why.

That quantity should be no problem at all. The standard bayes benchmarks
were based on 2000 message buckets.

However, I would suggest ditching the * in that command line. Let
spamassassin handle parsing all the files in the directory, rather than
having your shell expand them and pass a gigantic command-line parameter
to sa-learn.

(In the *nix world, *'s are expanded by the shell, prior to calling the
application, with large directories this can result in a rather ugly
large command line that is slow to process)

sa-learn --spam /spamdir/

If it still isn't working, try it with debugging enabled and see where
sa-learn is choking..

sa-learn -D --spam /spamdir/