mailinglists wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm sorry if my question is not in the right place here, but I have
> searched on the net, without finding any answer....
> So, here is my question : is it normal that I see not update of the
> rules since 2008 January 20th ? It used to be updated every week ....
> and I get a lot of spam with viagra ou medecine or MedHelp in the
> subject....

I can only speak to the official channel, not openprotect, however,
much of this will likely apply there too.

Sa-updates are very sporadic, and the latest sa-update for 3.2.x at this
time is dated January 14th, 2008. sa-updates aren't scheduled nor
automatic, so expecting them weekly will result in disappointment.
Sometimes they happen multiple times in one day, sometimes not for
months at a time.

sa-update's get made when several things happen all together: a
developer sees a need (i.e.: a new kind of spam), has time to make a new
rule, and that tests out very well.

Right now, I suspect most of the development effort is being consumed
trying to get 3.3.0 out the door.

If you want to see the history of sa-updates for the official channel,
you can take a look at the SVN tags:

If you look at the starting part of a tag, ie:
sa-update_3.2_20080114144817, this will tell you it's a sa-update for
version 3.2. The start of the numbers is actually a date stamp in
YYYYMMDD format, so this one was published in 2008, January, 14th. (The
rest is likely a GMT timestamp, suggesting it was published at 14:48:17,
but I've never bothered to check if that's true..)