Josie Walls wrote:

> Would this group agree that requiring 5 hits in order to classify an em=

> as spam is too conservative a number?

I wouldn't.

We reject everything with a score of 18 or higher, quarantine=20
everything with 9 or higher (I read the quarantine reports every=20
work day), and let everything else get through with spam score=20
(numeric and as "**") in headers.

Individual users are free to filter based on the headers if they=20
like, but most don't.

Of course, the optimal thresholds depends on how your system is=20
setup, what happens when the score gets over a threshold, what=20
rules you use, how well your bayes system works, how important it=20
is to avoid FPs etc, etc.


Jonas Eckerman, FSDB & Frukttr=E4det