> On Saturday 12 April 2008 19:03:49 Chris wrote:
> > Has anyone found a way to have fail: no such user here

> you mean "550 Unknown user"?
> actually your mailserver is suposed to do that.
> > *@*.kr
> > *@*.jp
> > *@*.cn
> > *@*.ru

> >, for senders, who
> > send from one of a long list, like :

On 14.04.08 12:27, Arvid Ephraim Picciani wrote:
> in this case you should just reject the mail with "550 Delivery from
> kroatia unacceptable"

you mean korea...

> we're actually planning to do that since there is 0% ham from them.

so even the first will be a FP...

> But be carefull, thats only valid if you're really really sure that you
> won't ever receive mails from those countries (including forward services,
> free hosters, etc)


> For most situations there are way better mthods of catching the spam.
> like locales_ok.

it's ok_locales (and ok_languages when TextCat plugin is enabled). Also the
RelayCountry plugin might help a bit (adds country used for bayes training)

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