Hi Mike,

That sounds on the limit to scarry.
I will rethink it before upgrading then.
Thanks for the advice and the information!

Best regards,


Michael Hutchinson-3 wrote:
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> Sir,
> You or someone else, has managed to break apt-get's info about S.A. Im
> not going into fixing that, that is a Debian question.
> You need to download the package manually with 'wget'.
> You can "apt-get install wget" if you don't have it.
> Use wget to get the package.
> Example "wget http://somefileyouwant.deb"
> After that use dpkg -i to install the package just as if you'd used
> apt-get.
> "dpkg -i somefileyouwant.deb"
> That will install your Spamassassin package. Just remember you're
> opening a can of worms by using anything later than S.A. version 3.1.7
> on Debian Sarge. The newer versions are reported to run fine on Debian
> Etch.
> I botched an upgrade from 3.1.4 -> 3.2.3 on Sarge a while ago, and it
> caused a MASSIVE headache with incorrect dependencies, wrong perl
> modules being installed, and config being installed in new/different
> locations, which ended up with an INSANE installation - more than one
> version existing in binaries or config on one singular computer. Not a
> good look.
> It took a long time to fix. (well, it seemed like a very long time)
> You'd be better off arranging some downtime. Copying out your current
> S.A config, and completely removing S.A altogether, including manually
> hunting down every config file and binary. Then and only then would I
> consider installing the 3.2.4 package, and restoring the config.
> HTH,
> Mike

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