Justin Mason wrote:
> Jeff Koch writes:
>> From what I've seen the VBounce ruleset catches ALL backscatter and does
>> not distinguish between legitimate bounce-backs and bounce-backs of emails
>> with forged return addresses - which basically makes it useless for
>> filtering out joe-jobs.
>> VBounce should be matching the forged name of the orginating mailserver
>> against the IP address of the originating mailserver.

> If you set whitelist_bounce_relays, that's exactly what it does.

....then I'm not getting it. I just forged an email from myself from an
Internet host separate from our work one, to a bogus recipient on a
Qmail server I own (where I turned off recipient checking). The server
accepting my forged email and generated a bounce. It went back into our
work network (where I have Vbounce enabled and whitelist_bounce_relays
set), and none of the BOUNCE vars triggered.

Running it through "spamassassin -D" shows vbounce loading and
__HAVE_BOUNCE_RELAYS triggered - but neither MY_SERVERS_FOUND,

Unless there's a bug (this is SA 3.2.4), I can't see how this will work
to detect forged mail causing bounces???


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