Hi All, here is what I have so far.

Hello Steve, Today our specialist did the investigation. His resume of the
problem is the following: - SMTP server has an influence on spam marking by
Yahoo but not only it; - if a message contains some web-site URL it also has
an influence on spam marking by Yahoo; you can visit the test page
http://pousada.com.br/test.php and try to send mails with different options:
no checkbox selected means a "clear" message without links to Pousada site;
"spam" option sends a message as is, like in original with two links to
pousada.com.br; and "to HTML" - it sends message which was formatted with
HTML tags. our test shows that only in the first case, the message comes
into Inbox, but with options "spam" and "to HTML" - when links present in
message - the messages are placed to Bulk/Spam folder;and moreover if we
replace pousada.com.br with some other URL, for example google.com - the
message goes to Inbox also. So the problem is in the spam filtering rules on
Yahoo mail servers - we can't change that. The only way is to change the
message text - excluding pousada.com.br as a link and replace it with site
title or something else.

poohah wrote:
> Hello first thing I would like to say is thanks for all the help and
> suggestions so far, sorry for the delay in replying but I was trying to
> understand all the suggestions.
> I will add a few things to clarify what is actually happening.
> I have a website www.pousada.com.br in Brazil. It is hosted on Godaddy
> servers and also the Godaddy mail servers.
> Now basicly when I send an email directly from my email address there does
> not seem to be a problem.
> When I send an email directly through my booking system it is getting
> blocked by many spam filters, being put into Yahoo mail filter,
> quarentined ect ect.
> I have set up a test Pousada (bed and Breakfast) for you to try, if you do
> a test booking you can see the headers ect. The Pousada is here
> http://www.pousada.com.br/index.php?pid=345&user=det
> I have also put together all the suggestions and I am not sure where to
> start. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Below is all the suggestions I have been given.
>>> > Having an PTR like ip-72-167-52-118.ip.secureserver.net does not
>>> > look like someone had the intention to run a mailrelay on.
>>> >
>>> > With such an PTR you will not just be blocked by
>>> > UCEPROTECT-Appliances, you can expect wide delivery problems out
>>> > there.
>>> >
>>> > So my suggestion to you is to get individual PTR's for IP's you
>>> > want to use as mailservers.

>> --------------
>> Can someone help him along form here? He isn't really an email guy,
>> so "PTR record" doesn't tell him how to fix things. Remember this is
>> Brasil, so there may be difficulties in getting things set up
>> properly. Perhaps someone from there could offer some suggestions?

> The explanation you're quoting is pretty good - the mailserver is on
> ip-72-167-52-118.ip.secureserver.net. which just does not look like a
> mail-server.
> He really needs to start by getting 'secureserver.net' to setup a
> proper reverse mapping :
> pointing to 'mail.pousada.com.br'.
> This is also called a PTR record.
> He has to contact secureserver.net in order to obtain a better PTR record.
> The best one would be the one matching the name its server uses in
> announcing to remotes. In example, if it announces as mx1.beb.br, then
> that
> would be the best fq name for the PTR record.
> But I believe this is not a mandatory requirement in SA, since it at most
> checks for dialup and residential PTRs as well as for the contacting IP
> matching the resolved MX-announced name (no PTR check here). However, many
> ISP may enforce this kind of check in their AS facilities.
>> It looks to me like dynamic submitted mail to its smtp
>> server Why is that bad?

> My understanding is that his server _is_ his From
> indicates pousada.com.br:
> $ host -t mx pousada.com.br
> pousada.com.br mail is handled by 10 mail.pousada.com.br.
> $ host mail.pousada.com.br
> mail.pousada.com.br has address
> so he has a generic rDNS:
> $ host
> domain name pointer
> ip-72-167-52-118.ip.secureserver.net
> and this will cause delivery problems nowadays.
> In addition, his server helos with Pousada.com.br.secureserver.net which
> does not resolve.
> and
> $ telnet 25
> ...
> 220 Pousada.com.br.secureserver.net ESMTP
> so the hostname in the banner seems to be another one:
> $ host Pousada.com.br.secureserver.net
> Host Pousada.com.br.secureserver.net not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
> oops.
> I use secureserver.net to host my domain name and I also run my own MTA.
> I don't suffer from this problem, so if he rearranges his setup so it is
> similar to mine the chances are the problem will go away.
> As I said, Secureserver.net is my domain host. Apart from having the
> definitive DNS records it does just two things for me:
> - it forwards e-mail to my ISP's mail server
> - it forwards web requests to my website host.
> I run Postfix as my MTA. Its configured to forward all outgoing mail to
> my ISP's mail server with a 'relay_host' directive. Other MTAs will
> probably have equivalent rules available. This way my sending IP doesn't
> appear in dynamic/residential blacklists.
> He could try a similar setup fairly easily. My guess is that he's using
> the same system as me to receive mail but is failing to direct outgoing
> mail through his ISP's MTA.
> He is apparently relaying via k2smtpout06-01.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net
> which looks like an "official" godaddy server.
> Martin Gregorie-2 wrote:
>> On Wed, 2008-04-02 at 21:03, mouss wrote:
>>> He is apparently relaying via k2smtpout06-01.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net
>>> which looks like an "official" godaddy server.

>> In that case I'm confused: I thought his problem was described as being
>> due his MTA sending mail from a residential block of IPs.
>> The message I'm replying to came through
>> smtp01-02.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net on its way here. I'd would not
>> expect any of secureserver.net's outgoing MTAs to be blacklisted. They
>> evidently supply domain hosting and mail forwarding services to a number
>> of domain registrars: my registrar is not GoDaddy and is not AFAIK
>> associated with them.
>> Martin


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