Matus UHLAR - fantomas writes:
> > Jeff Koch writes:
> > > From what I've seen the VBounce ruleset catches ALL backscatter and does
> > > not distinguish between legitimate bounce-backs and bounce-backs of emails
> > > with forged return addresses - which basically makes it useless for
> > > filtering out joe-jobs.
> > >
> > > VBounce should be matching the forged name of the orginating mailserver
> > > against the IP address of the originating mailserver.

> On 11.04.08 16:55, Justin Mason wrote:
> > If you set whitelist_bounce_relays, that's exactly what it does.

> Doesn't that require having different servers for sending mail than for
> receiving it? As I understand the docs, it does. And it's impossible for us,
> at least for now.

no, definitely not -- I have a single machine acting as both MX and MSA
and use it.

(bounces generated by my own MSA are "good" bounces, since they're to
do with mail I've generated. bounces generated by "external" machines
are nothing to do with my outbound mail, so I don't want them.)