Would this group agree that requiring 5 hits in order to classify an email
as spam is too conservative a number?

I suspect ISPs have their filter settings at 3 or less.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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-----Original Message-----
From: SM [mailto:sm@resistor.net]
Sent: Friday, April 11, 2008 10:47 AM
To: Spamassassin Mailing List
Subject: Re: Why is this spam passing my SA (counterfeit goods)

At 10:18 11-04-2008, Igor Chudov wrote:
>Here are both the spam message (at bottom of the web page) as well as
>output of SA.
>The message is obviously junk about the usual counterfeit mechandise
>tat is being peddled everywhere.
> http://igor.chudov.com/tmp/spam003.txt

check: is spam? score=4.275 required=2.5

The message has a score of 4.275 which is about the required score
(2.5). It was detected as spam.