> Justin Mason wrote:
> >There's no problem. SpamAssassin 3.2.x includes the VBounce ruleset which
> >is expressly designed to catch backscatter -- and does a good job at it.
> >
> >If you have a backscatter problem, you need to start using that ruleset.

On 11.04.08 21:13, Jason Haar wrote:
> ...but vbounce scores 0.1 - and there's all this talk about it "not
> being a spam detector".

yes, so DSN's currently should not be processed as spams - we need
more checks to see if they are real backscatters or "valid" DSNs.

> ...and the score is 0.1 - and I don't fiddle with SA scores as a rule
> 'cause you guys
> Know Best (TM).
> So are you saying as I know what all our relays are (ie
> whitelist_bounce_relays), I should pump that score up to 20, and
> effectively blacklist (we block at scores >10) any bounces (which should
> just happen to be 100% forged spam) sent from anyone in the world using
> our domains - which isn't from our relays?

I wouldn't set scores to be so high. Maybe altogethher with other rules e.g.
BAYES (3.5 for BAYES_99) 1.5 or 2.0 would be enough. I was always careful
when training on bounces, because of valid bounces.

(we don't have separate servers for outgoing mail, so we can't use

Seems that VBounce plugin needs more code to be used for more than just
catching bounces... then, it could effectively catch backscatter

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